“Hello Fresh - Italian Chicken and Pepper Sandos”

Over the course of 2020, our eating habits became routine. Like most people, we didn’t eat out very frequently, we didn’t go to many grocery stores to pickup food, and so our dinner meal became stagnant. To counter this, my wife signed up for Hello Fresh. I will post reviews of some of the meals we try which will hopefully assist some inquiring minds as to what to order.

Hello Fresh’s Italian Chicken & Pepper Sandos includes some chopped chicken breasts, peppers, onions, and bread as the main components. Start to finish I was done within 40 minutes so it’s a great weeknight option. The most time consuming preparation step is slicing the potatoes into wedges for roasting. Onions and peppers also need to be sliced but a decent home chef can do those in a minute or two.

Preparation was straight forward. Instructions were clear and the steps were properly ordered. Roasting the potatoes did take a little more than the recommended 20 minutes and toasting the buns took at least double the 3 minute suggestion. All other time suggestions were roughly accurate though. One improvement would be to use only one pan and toast the bread next to the potatoes, at least for the two person portion.

Each sandwich had toasted bread with chicken, onions, and green peppers with a mayo based sauce. Sandwiches were finished with mozzarella cheese melted on top of everything. My wife doesn’t like mayo and opted out of the sauce. Her opinion of the dish was lower than mine as the mayo adds enough that I would miss it if it weren’t there. If you don’t like green peppers, onion, or mayo, I don’t think I’d recommend this recipe. You can leave each out, but something would be missing. As a personal touch, I added some pickled onions and thought the sour flavor was positive.

This was a good recipe and slightly above average for what we’ve seen from Hello Fresh. If you like all the ingredients, this isn’t a bad one to choose. It’s in the Hello Fresh Hall of Fame.

3/5 stars