iPhone 6 Impressions

When I use the phrase impressions, I don’t mean hands on impressions. No, that would be the right thing to do. My impression is gleaned from watching the keynote video and reading a few blogs.

I’ll admit, I’m the weird person in the market who doesn’t want a bigger phone. My first iPhone was the 4S and I replaced it two years later with a 5s. While the internals (processor, camera, Touch ID) of the 5s are fantastic, I prefer the 4S form factor. My hands aren’t blessed by size and I am one who loves one handed phone use. The 3.5″ screen size was fantastic for me because I was able to reach all four corners of the phone without stretching. The taller 5s screen causes me to stretch slightly more but I’ve dealt with it. A 4.7″ screen will be too large for me to reach the corners. Perhaps I can change my grip to reach the far corners, but I am skeptical I’ll be able to achieve four corner one-handed touch-handedness (yes, I made a new word I think). In a year from now, I’ll certainly be getting the 4.7″ as I don’t want the ridiculous 5.5″ in my pocket. Yes, there is a one-handed mode. It’s not a replacement for constant one-handed usage.

Regarding the form factor, I’m quite pleased by the design. The rounded edges are nice and the RF bumpers are pleasing to my eye. There’s one thing I must bring up about the design: the camera lens protrudes. Most people, myself included, use a case so this is probably a moot point for many. But I’ve scoffed at the camera bump Android phones often have and I can’t help but do the same with the iPhone 6. Apple does it more subtly as it’s simply the lens with a ring around it but it’s still not smooth to where it will lay flat against a hard table without a case.

These changes to the phone are almost enough to make me move to something else. But I’d be moving to phones with the same problems. Plus, I generally avoid Google services and the Windows app market leaves a lot to be desired. I’ll continue to be an iOS user for the foreseeable future.

Enough negativity. What did I like about the iPhone announcement? Apple Pay. Replacing our physical credit cards is going to take years. My wallet won’t be thinner anytime soon. But the easy, fast, and supposedly secure payment system looks great. I was most interested in the OpenTable phone payment integration at a table. Allow me to ask other people to pay their portion of the bill and I’ll be ecstatic.

The camera seems quite improved in subtle ways. It won’t beat many Android phones on the megapixel specs but that’s a moot point anyways. Internals have improved too. 802.11ac will be nice as many companies are rolling it out. The additional storage space is very nice too. However, I’m frustrated they retained the 16GB model and didn’t move that to 32GB. If I had to guess, they stuck with 1GB of RAM too. It’s time for a 2GB upgrade.

iPhone 6 looks nice and will sell millions on opening weekend. I’m looking forward to trying one. Unfortunately, I feel it is a step-back, for me, in multiple ways which kept me from feeling the Reality Distortion Field during the keynote.