iOS 9 Wishlist

Custom Map Directions

iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite allows sending directions from a computer to a phone. Relatively obvious feature and it works as advertised. Adding the capability to do custom maps on the computer and having the custom map on the phone would be very appealing.

More Keyboard Shortcuts

Apple increased the number of shortcuts available with iOS but they’re still falling short of where it needs to be. Applications are probably going to be adding support for keyboard shortcuts in the near future. Apple needs to step up their game even more though.

Better Animations

A lot of people love the current animations but they wear on me. They feel slow and unnecessary. I disabled them and have been glad they’re gone but do miss having the defaults setup.

Better Siri Integration

iOS 7 “improved” Siri. Supposedly the voice got better although I’m not sure it’s better. That’s another section. I’m looking for integration. Control the Podcasts app with Siri. Allow third-party applications to tie into Siri. That is the killer feature of Siri for people who drive (aka. screw the city folk). Unfortunately, iOS didn’t improve this at all.

Better Siri Voice

iOS 8 does improve the voice experience, namely making things seem faster. However, pronounciation still is a bit broke.

Crowd Sourced Maps

Waze did a great job with crowd sourcing events on the road such as construction, speed traps, and objects on the road. They took it a step further and allowed collaborative map modifications. Apple’s accuracy problems would disappear in a matter of months if they allowed collaborative map editing. Crowd-sourced events would be nice too. Apple isn’t a social company and this will never happen.

Less U-Turns in Apple Maps

Apple Maps loves u-turns. Stop that. They can update this prior to iOS 9. Just fix this.

Multi-User Support

Not interesting for the phone but could be great for an iPad. Apple’s iPad nomenclature points to an iPad Pro. Multi-user on an iPad could be exciting for families who don’t need a full laptop anymore.

More Intuitive Burst Mode

Using burst mode for photos on iPhone 5s is easy but choosing the desired photo and deleting the others is confusing. I have only used burst mode a couple times but I still fumble around every time.

Unlimited Photo Stream Use

Everpix went out of business. Modify Photo Stream to support all my photos and videos for life. Yes there are scale issues but it would make people’s family photos reliably available even with new devices. Apple could advertise this feature and I expect it to resonate with a lot of people, even if they don’t know it. Oh, and don’t compress the photos.

Better Appearance

I know a lot of people who think iOS 7 and 8 look great. I’m not one of them. I have almost no ideas on how to improve it, but just improve it. Just because Johnny Ive knows how to make great hardware doesn’t mean he has a clue about software. I said this a while and feel like I have been proved right. While I’ve grown used to the new look I am generally happier on iOS 6.

Context Sensitive “Grammar”

Full context sensitive auto-correction is hard and processor intensive. Instead, why not just use context sensitive punctuation. If I open a sentence with “Can” a double tap of the space bar should render a ? instead of a ..

More Informative Lock Screen…On Calls

I don’t want my lock screen constantly showing statuses I don’t care about. However, it’s not uncommon I need to access the phone controls while it’s locked and I’m using the phone. Mute, “press 1 to join the conference”, and similar functions all require access to the basic phone controls. iOS 8 would do me a favor if it gave me basic controls without having to unlock the phone.

Conference Call Recognition

Good has a feature where if you dial into a bridge meeting, it will offer up conference codes which could be bridge number based on the meeting invite. iOS doesn’t natively have it. This feature would confuse non-business users but is great for business people. Options suck, but maybe make it a default off option and let the people who want it, enable it.

Music Smart Playlist Controls

I’m a pretty heavy user of smart playlists in iTunes. One of my favorites is called “Forgotten Favorites” where it lists all 5 star songs which haven’t been played in 2 weeks, which are under 15 plays. I cannot edit this playlist and it doesn’t seem to update until I plug it into iTunes – something I try to avoid. I wish it kept a full, real database and updated all the information in playlists live. Editing the smart playlists and having full control would be useful too as I can’t really divorce myself from syncing until then.

Better Horizontal Music View

Simply put, the landscape view for Music is awful. It shows all the albums, which is visually interesting, but a terrible interface. What if, heaven forbid, I wanted to find an artist instead of an album. I don’t always know what the albums are called so alphabetical order isn’t useful. An adapted portrait view would work much better.

Improve Code

Many of the technical and involved Apple user base are concerned about the state of Apple’s software. iOS 8.0.1 was one such example. AirDrop doesn’t always work for me. iTunes Match doesn’t work with my iOS device how I expect it to (whether this is a code quality issue, I don’t know). Make Messages work reliably. Every. Single. Time. While this is the last item on the list, it’s hardly the least important. In fact, I would give up every other feature request on this list to see a significant software quality improvement. iOS 6 felt rock solid. Return to that if not improve upon it.